Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Speedy U-turn?

So it’s funny how this is gnawing at Mwah, as I really wanna see Dragon Racing succeed; not only this Month of May, but overall... And thus I feel slightly compelled to let this bone lay buried; BUTT! Since I’ve seen so much SHIT on le Internetz continuously reminding us ‘bout ‘Ol PT’s (Paul Tracy) CRAPWAGON comment... Hey, have you ever heard a Nissan Infiniti powered G-Force chassis? As they DID sound like CRAPWAGONS! (NOT to mention the Indy Pro Series mobiles...)

Thus I find it ironic that the man filling Messer Chrome Horn’s shoes at Dragon this May is none other then ex-Formula 1 and RASSCAR driver Scott Speed who boldly proclaimed back in ’08 that the IRL was BORING and how he would NOT wish to simply circulate ‘round making left turns with the throttle simply pegged upon the floorboard...

As I certainly wish Speed, rookie teammate Ho-Pin Tung and the Dragon Boyz a positive I500 debut, I’m just a little annoyed by how everybody seems to be giving Scott a free pass upon his past negative comments – almost treating him like Juan ‘O the Golden Childs... IndyCarz Brash New savior; URGH!

Although I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge Kevin Lee for being the only person bold enough to call Speed out upon his past remarks during a recent Trackside interview... Although  Lee was pretty easy upon the Californian - claiming he didn’t have the exact comments in front of him – to which naturally,  Scotty ‘THE GOOSE Speed went into charm offensive by claiming he’s always been a huge fan ‘O the Speedway and its challenges... Yeah right Scotty; Yuhs better go back ‘N listen to your interview dude!