Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Memorable ‘Quips from Sunday’s 3-hour Cruise...

Sat-thru the entire 3+ hour Sao Paolo Samba on Versus Sunday – and I haveda say it was thoroughly enjoyable – as the Broadcast Boyz Back Home in Indiana did a Stellar job doing what Bob Jenkins said On Air was known in the ‘Biz as FILL time... As I really enjoy the interaction that Wally Dallenbach Jr. and Robin Miller have struck upon, with Bob Jenkins doing his usual steady Yeoman, Err Coxsin-like job – while I always look forward to Professor B’s (Jon Beekhuis) technical insights.

As the days best three ‘Juan-liners had to be the following...

Dario Franchitti:
I heard Brian Barnhart saying there’s Puddles and Standing Water on the track – and I’ve just had to explain to him that a puddle IS standing water!

Kevin Lee:
Just had one Team Owner walk by and tell me: Ok let’s get ready to go spend some MORE money! (As Drivers were being told to report back to their racecars prior to the impending Pace laps...)

Wally Dallenbach Jr.:
(On TK “Follow Your Schnauz Kanaan’s returning to the Pits during the Pace Car laps before the second Red flag) He came in to get RID of the FISH!