Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kiwi Wingeing...

So I’m not used to hearing Scott Dixon whining after a race... Although I don’t know if they were simply hamming it up for TV? As Robin Miller stated how HATE IS GOOD! And they need some HATE in the series during one of his cameo moments during the Indy Car race – even getting a chuckle outta Wally Dallenbach Jr.

Dixon was whining ‘bout Will Power’s restarts – which really “Dixie,” you wouldn’t have done the same if you were leading?

Thus, this made me think of an entertaining conversation I had in Auckland with one of my myriad’s ‘O “Handler’s” whilst returning home from Adelaide. Making the usual Chit-chat, she asked how I’d enjoyed my stay in New Zealand. Uhm, actually I was in Australia the whole time... To which she retorted; that’s too bad! Saying I really shouldn’t have told her that; Hya!

Then she explained how New Zealand and Australia have an eternally lingering wrankling going on between them. Sorta like your states (USA) vs. ‘KanaDuh...

I’ll give you an example she said:
Know why the 'Aussies named their beer 4XGOLD?
'Cause they DON'T know how to spell!

(To which my terrific ‘Aussie Hosts replied...)
She told it to you wrong -- typical Kiwi! It goes: How do Queenslanders spell Beer? XXXX! 

Thus, perhaps it’s just me, but can Y’all see the irony of Dixon vs. Power for Mwah. Having already admitted to being a HUGE Will Power fan – prior to my most Excellante visit to OZ, naturally I’ve gotta side with the ‘Aussies Mates; Oh Never Mind!