Tuesday, April 12, 2011

F1: Austin reveals Track Name and Second Major event

Otay, I had to wait ‘til 5PM Pacific to hear the B-I-G News on SpeedCentre tonight, after listening to a way too short, but definitely SWEET interview with the Mayor ‘O Hinchtown ‘N “Symone PageuNo” on autosport Radio...

Thus, I haveda say the news definitely caught me off guard completely. And NO! There weren’t ANY inklings of Shell Oil involvement, as SPEED’s F1 Broadcast Ringleader Bob Varsha MC’ed the event... Hmm? Isn’t it funny how fast Varsha’s moved on from waxing eloquently ‘bout his buddy “thee House ‘O Windsor’s” (Peter Windsor) vaunted USF1 effort to now being at the center of Tavo Hellmund’s Full Throttle AustinF1 project, eh?

And in case you haven’t heard, in a strange twist ‘O fate, the track will now be referred to as Circuit Of The Americas, (COTA) which reputedly is to capitalize upon Austin’s centralized geographical locale.

But the part that really caught me off guard was the announcement of MOTO GP signing a 10-year contract with the venue beginning in 2013, with both Kevin Schwanz and “Captain kOOL!” Ben ‘Elbowz Spies being on-hand for the announcement; as I can only surmise that it’ll perhaps replace Indianapolis’s race date for the future, as surely there won’t be three MOTO GP events stateside, right?

As far as I know, having attended the MOTO GP event at the Speedway last fall, as it was to be the venue’s third and final event – a single year extension was inked and announced around the race weekend. Thus, will there be a one year void between 2011 and 2013 or will Indy get a further year’s deal prior to Texas? Yet I must confess, I’m just speculatin’ here...

And the part that gets my juices flowing the most ‘bout COTA; NOT to be Cornfuzed with Led Zeppelin’s final studio album Coda – is the ‘Mega 133-foot elevation change, which immediately makes me think of someplace called Spa Francorchamps... So please Mister “Tilkie” DON’T F%%K IT UP!!!

Of course I’d enjoy seeing RUSH play there in the brand spankin’ new 25,000 capacity outdoor concert venue... Just not exactly sure how fun it’ll be going to the Grand Prix in June’s summer HEAT!

Austin F1 Track Has A Name And A New Tenant