Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hispania continues F111 improvements

Just read that the other Colin Kolles, a.k.a. Dr. Colin Kolles and not Seahawks BADASS No. 90 Colin Coles - has arrived in KL (Kuala Lumpur) with several extra cardboard boxes as part of his luggage at the baggage carousel; Hmm? Wonder if he has to pay $25.00 per extra bag, Err L25 per extra kilo? But I digress...

As the extra baggage reportedly contains new noses for “The SPEEDIEST Indian” (Narain Karthikeyan) ‘N ‘Tonio... (Vitantonio Liuzzi) Uhm, I meant their relatively undeveloped Hispania F111 chassis which basically just showed up at Melbourne before not being capable of breaking the 107% qualifying time-barrier; as the new noses have finally passed the FIA’s mandatory crash tests.

Meanwhile, it has also been noted that the Minnowesqe team has secured the use of one of Mercedes GP’s spare Wind Tunnels in Brackley, UK, as the tunnel sits dormant due to the nefarious FIA Resource Restrictions rule and thus, hopefully Geoff Willis and his crew ‘O Merrymen will be able to tweak the new car into a bonified contender for the requisite Q1 ‘Qualie sessions – as I’m more intrigued upon tonio & Narain making the show then the actual winner of this weekend’s Malaysian GP – especially with the chance of Uncle Bernaughty getting his wish and seeing ‘Ol Mother Nature turn on her sprinkler system... 


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