Friday, April 29, 2011


As the Dean ‘O IndyCar Bloggaratzi, Err Historics... NOT to be confused with Hysterics – whom liken’s himself as the OLD-EST Indy Car blogger; YIKES! And I enjoy calling him Geo-Phillips knows, its almost his favourite month of the year; as in the Month of May, I dunno? Somme-thun to do with a ‘lil racetrack situated at 16th & Georgetown I reckon...

Thus, unlike Indy, which is now just a two week affair, you can catch The Talk of Gasoline Alley the entire month on 1070 The Fan at its new time of 8PM ET M-F and weekends at  6PM ET.

According to Kevin Lee of Trackside fame – who’s in the midst of completing his very first Aeroplane flight over 3-heurs duration: SHEEZ! It takes me LONGER then that just to fly from Seattle to Indy! (Not to mention the 19hrs+ to Adelaide – SUCK IT UP KEVIN!) Who should be back from Sao Paolo, Brazil Bright ‘N Early Monday morning! Claims he’s set up a brand new email address for Y’all to send in your questions for IMS Historian Extraordinaire Donald Davidson at:

Never heard of that chap Davidson? Check him out here;

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