Friday, April 29, 2011

Move Over Locker – It’s ‘HotRod Time...

So last night, in a rare moment of Stick ‘N Ball euphoria – I let Geo-Phillips of Oil Pressure fame know he’d took my QB! As in his be-LUV-ed Tennessee Titans had just drafted UW’s TOP ‘DAWG (University of Washington Huskies) Quarterback Jake Locker No. 8in the NFL’s first round of the 2011 Draft... Umm? Y’all recall the Nat’l Football League which is having some sorta work stoppage right now; but I digress...

Thus I lay down for some peaceful(?) slumber content with the thought that Friday would be T MINUS 30 ‘til Wabash Day... (Although I certainly hope the tide recedes on the Wabash before then, eh?) As I believe its 30-days until the green flag drops upon this year’s Indy 500 race. And as I called it an evening, there were still Six Draft Picks remaining for this year’s vaunted Centennial3.0 I500...

(6) TBA Entries
No. 8) Dragon Racing; TBA
No. 16) TBA; Simon Pagenaud
No. 19) Dale Coyne Racing; TBA
No. 44) Panther Racing; TBA
No. 57) Sarah Fisher Racing; TBA
No. 89) China Racing; TBA

Thus imagine my surprise upon awakening this morning to find the IndyStar chock ‘O-block of smatterings from Kurty Cavin who’s spending the weekend home in Indiana while his sidekick Kevin’s schlepping his way up ‘N down Pitlane covering ALL 26 racecar’s in Sao Paolo; Hya!

The Top News was the late evening announcement that with its 44th-selection in the I500 draft - Panther Racing has chosen Buddy “HotRod” Rice as the chauffer of its second Indy 500 entry.

Psst! has anybody told Mr. Barnes that Buddy’s creeping up towards the elder age of 4-Oh; Oh Never Mind!

And speaking of the number 8, (Nice tie-in, eh? Can you say Jake Locker...) Yet the most shocking pick to Mwah is Dragon Racing’s decision to trade-up for the rights to having the first ever Chinese driver in Indy Car or the Indy 500 – by selecting Dutch-born Chinese Ace Ho-Pin Tung!

And although I know for certain that the No. 16 will be piloted by “Symone Pagenoe,” a.k.a. Simon Pagenaud – driving for his ALMS backers Highcroft Racing in partnership with TBA, it’s rumoured that those steadfast denial-denial’s by Luczo Dragon De Ferran Racing ex-P-calladrocious... Could now instead see Dragon Racing running two cars at Indianapolis this May?

Meanwhile, I’m guessing jay Penske’s pick has upset the Apple-cart over at the virtually unknown China Racing, who has the No. 89 selection... As I’m guessing Dragon just took its driver, eh?

And Dale Coyne Racing – who’s got the No. 19 selection overall, is said to be highly keen upon the services of Alex ‘PINK Lloyd as The Hamburgular’s (Sebastian Bourdais) substitute on the Roundy-round’s this season...

That just leaves Sarah Fisher Racing on the clock, as SFR holds the No. 57 selection, which SFR ‘Mum Sarah sez; we’re only gonna select a driver once we know Eddie “Fuzzy Wuzzy” Carpenter’s securely made the field...