Monday, April 4, 2011

Back from OZ – Whale Sorta...

Otay, I’m taking the cheesy way out here... Having just returned late-Thursday evening from a very elongated three-legged flight from Borneo, Err the South Pacific... As I’ll be attempting to recover from the dreaded jetRAGG ‘O flying a zillion miles – Oh Wait! That’s what I’m supposed to be racking up upon my most-dubious Frequent Flyer plan – which SUCKS!!!

AnyHoo, please give your humble scribe some time to clear away the cobwebs ‘N surf ze Internetz for all of the latest happening in Der ‘Vurld ze Motersporten – Ja-Ja... As CRIKEYS! Wonder how ‘Ol DannaWho did on another street circuit, eh?

Uhm, I actually managed to watch the tape Friday afternoon in its absolute stunning ABC telecast glory - Oh Never Mind! More on that shortly... As all I can say is what I heard on the Tram in Melbourne immediately following the OZ GP, as one ‘Aussie bemused: Many things changed; many things stayed the same... As they lamented ‘Master Zebb’s (Seb Vettel) utter DOMINATION of the weekend’s opening act of the 2011 F1 season.

And Hurrah! I think I’ve finally rectified the most BIZZARO Blogger/Confuzer internal coding Gremlins I’ve encountered thus far over the years of scribbling this blog - Whale almost, may be, sorta? Since now I've solved the text scrunching issue which has reverted to increased text line spacing; WTF?