Friday, April 8, 2011

George at The Barber’s

I’m told it’s where all of the Beautiful people go... Err, IT’S BUETE-EEEEEE-FULLLLLL!!! Hya! As George Phillips is live in person at the Barber’s this weekend – better known as Barber Motorsports Park, in Leeds, Alabama. And George sez its Beautiful there; Oh Never Mind!

Yet ‘Juan ‘O the beautiful thingys; This ‘Buete’s for you ‘DAWG! (Pressdog) who even got another shout-out on Trackside Thursday night from Kevin ‘Beauty Lee... Is that I really enjoy the personal, non-MediaSpeak reports/reviews live Bloggers offer, as I’ve always enjoyed  ‘Stef’s writing, along with Paul – both of More Front Wing. Not to mention the NON-PC rantings of a certain ‘Kuhnadiun lass named Meesh. (So Here’s What I’m Thinking) So you may want to check out Oil Pressures live from the Barber coverage this weekend, eh? After all it’s NOT everyday that someone named ‘lil Al sez: Hold that Buggy for me...