Saturday, August 7, 2010

Webber’s Sportsmanship helped Power keep racing

Saw the following story on that All Knowing PressDog site... DAMN YOU ‘DAWG!

As it’s now official... As No Fenders is pulling for Aussie Mark Webber to win his very first-ever Formula 1 World Championship! Over the highly touted Master ‘Zebb & the Others, as it would be somewhat symbiotic for Webber to accomplish this feat exactly 30yrs after the last Australian to do so, i.e.; Alan Jones – 1980.

As it would be even ‘kOOLER for Webber ‘N fellow Countryman Will Power to do the double; F1 and the Indy Car Series titles respectively! As I was totally unaware that Messer Webber had helped the “Toowoomba Toranadoe,” a.k.a. Will Power continue his racing career when it had come to a most critical juncture of potentially ending...

Webber’s help kept Power’s career Rolling

So good on Yuhs Mate! As although I was gonna go for either the Blue (Labatt’s) or some Molson this weekend after having just been Up North Eh! Guess I’d better grab a few Foster’s instead!