Monday, August 9, 2010

INDYCAR: Mid Ohio Young Guns

This weekend’s race recap takes on a bit of a different twist as it was pointed out during the weekend somewhere that it would be the first time with the four most current Indy Lights Champions in the field, with Jay Howard being the first, (2006) with Alex Lloyd, (2007) ‘RAFA (2008) being book-ended by reigning Lights Champion Hildebrand. (2009) There’s also rising Star “Simona-Simona,” an ex-Atlantics Standout along with Bertrand Baguette, The reining World Series by Renault (WSR) Champion.

HVM Racing No. 78) R- Simona De Silvestro; Switzerland
Start) 10th Finish) 8th
Hopefully this rising female IndyCar Star will continue her feel good Mo-jo on another ‘Twistie, having had her best Qualifying effort at Edmonton, as Simona apparently broke her clutch in Saturday’s ‘Qualie 2 session.

But it was quite entertaining ‘N enjoyable to hear Robbie Buhl being her biggest cheerleader during the entire broadcast, compelling her to pounce upon the BIG ‘DAWGS as Simona trailed the two “Peskies” ‘O Hulio ‘N Briscoe in P7 most of the day before ultimately finishing eighth, which I believe is her best ICS career finish to date... Even after Mr. BRUT Arute-Arute chronicled how Race Engineer Michael Cannon was doing her fuel numbers ‘Ol School after De Silvestro had lost her telemetry, along with being shadowed the last half of the race by Marco Andretti, making her finish even more impressive...

Sarah Fisher Racing No. 66) Jay Howard; Great Britain
S) 26th F) 24th (R-Contat; 38 laps)
Not really sure What’s Up with Jay “Funnyman” Howard (besides lack ‘O Seat-time...) who seems to have been plagued with mechanical woes this weekend; reportedly having a Gearbox issue on Friday and I don’t think he ever got out for Qualifying Saturday? Yet at least he was quicker then the League’s favourite Back marker who Robin Miller has bestowed the award of “The Lucky Milka” upon, in deference to RASSCAR’s “Rucky Dog!” As the Wanderin’ Milkalicious rolled off stone-last in P27.

And Jay’s woes seemed to continue as the only time I noticed him getting any “FaceTime” was upon spinning on track before retiring in P24, as Howard claims he doesn’t know what Hildebrand was thinking as he punted him Ass-Teakettle into the weeds... Hmm? Perhaps “Captain America” was doing his best ‘Graminator (Graham Rahal) “Get along ‘lil Doggie” impersonation?

Dale Coyne Racing No. 18) Alex Lloyd; Great Britain
S) 21st F) 13th
I’d say that Mr. Pink, nee Alex Lloyd had a pretty quiet race, just putting his head down and advancing eight places...

Conquest Racing No. 36) R-Bertrand Baguette; Belgium
S) 15th F) 11th
Interestingly, Bertrand was third quickest in the Sunday morning warm-up session behind Pole sitter Will Power and Scott Dixon, albeit I don’t know if it means much as Dario “REO Speedwagon” Franchitti finished the warm-up in P10.

Yet once again it was nice to hear Robbie Buhl giving multiple “shout-Outs” to the Belgian, claiming the WSR Champ has done wonders during his maiden Indy Car season for the Minnowesqe Conquest Racing Team, and Baguette’s results don’t match his performances.

As Baguette, Uhm? Did somebody say Sandwiches? Err Bertrand ran as high as P9 before the cameras showed him being passed by Ryan “The IZOD Dude” Hunter-Reay for tenth in the latter stages before ultimately finishing one place outside the Top 10...

De Ferran Dragon Racing No. 2) Rafael Matos; Brazil
S) 19th F) 7th
‘RAFA, NOT to be Cornfuzed with Raufey as Marty “NationWide” Reid likes to call him, seemed to have a relatively quiet race until the latter stages when he used up all of his Push-to-Pass Overtakes to grab a few positions, including usurping Simona-Simona for P7 in the closing stages of the race...

Then there’s this Trio of Newcomers, as 2008-09 A1GP Champion Adam Carroll makes his Indy Car Series second start, while reigning Indy Lights Champion J.R. Hildebrand and Italian Open Wheel racer Francesco Dracone make their inaugural IndyCar starts...

AFS Racing No. 27) R-Adam Carroll; N. Ireland - UK
S) 17th F) 19th
Carroll was the quickest of the five car Andretti Armada in the Sunday morning warm-up session, P4 - one place behind Baguette, but according to Carroll he had a very frustrating day and wasn’t pleased with how much he struggled over the entire race...

Dreyer & Reinbold Racing No. 24) R-J.R. Hildebrand; USA
S) 18th F) 16th
Making his long awaited ‘BIG CARZ debut, I think the only time I saw Hildebrand getting any major Air-time was when he did a little groundskeeping activities, slithering off track while in 20th place in which The Graminator and Vitor Meira(?( pounced, demoting the rookie to 22nd before Hildebrand settled down, recovered and finished a respectable 16th place... Hey! At least he finished AHEAD of teammates ‘TK, (Kanaan) you know the Follow-your-Schnoz guy; Hya! (17th) Adam Carroll 19th) and ‘DannaWho? 21st) OOPS! I’m just so used to JR driving for AFS that I momentarily forgot he’s filling in for Mike Conway at Dryer & Reinbold at Mid Ohio & Sonoma... Kinda like Mikey’s team is still AGR to Mwah...

Conquest Racing No. 34) R- Francesco Dracone; Italy
S) 23rd F) 22nd (-3 laps)
Whale I suppose Dracone’s performance today demonstrates just how HARD it is to drive one of these Dallara Honda IndyCar Beasts, eh? As “Fransisco,” Err Francesco performed not one but two 360-degree Pirouette’s as he battled Milkalicious for the dubious honour of Best Pirouette before ultimately winding up one position and one lap ahead of Milka Duno. (P23)

Italian racer joins Conquest for two events