Sunday, August 22, 2010

Busch’ll in Bristol

So the phone rang with 34 laps remaining in last night’s RASSCAR event from Bristol, Tennessee... With some Dude named Kyle Busch laeding, good I remarked, as I hoped that ‘Roundy Round BAD BOY Kyle Busch would do the unthinkable and become the very first ever driver to win ALL three events at one track on the same weekend... As Busch had already taken the Pickem-Up Trucks race Wednesday night and then apparently deliberately Spun-out his Dancin’ Pardner Brad Keselowski enroute to winning the DoubleWide Lites event Friday night.

Oh, Busch is leading with 4-laps remaining... Blah-blah-blah; HE WON! WTF? It was just four laps remaining... Uh, it’s only ‘bout 16 seconds a lap... So I wryly inquired; does that mean it’ll be known as the Busch’ll? Uze knows, I heard ‘Ol Robin Miller call it the Chip’ll after Ganassi won three races over the Mid Ohio weekend... Albeit I don’t know if Robin came up with ‘Dat or borrowed it from someones else?

Way to go Kyle! As I still say he was genuinely BUMMED when he was forced to forgo testing a Toyota F1 chassis when RASSCAR mandated he positively attend some minor Awards banquet...