Monday, August 23, 2010

The last Road Course Hurrah

So I left a day late ‘N got back Dazes earlier... Or was that day late ‘N dollar short? Oh Never Mind... As once again I enjoyed another glorious outing at THEE Mountain! As in Mount Rainier... As it was another perfect outing; ‘Ol Harry Woppler missed-out on the weather forecast again! (Thankfully another WRONG Weather forecast predicted...) Ode to an ex-Northwest Weatherman, as they’d predicted Thunderstorms yesterday...

And all survived another trip on the paved trails of the park as your low-vision Scribe managed to keep 90-years young ‘Auntie Harriet ‘N wheelchair on the crushed ‘AshPhalt at ALL times! Only ran into a few tree branches; Hya!

And thus, still firmly ensconced in the 20th Century... As the Comcast MUNSTER has forced Mwah to be able to only record one channel at a time upon the collector’s edition VCR that must run thru the ALL KNOWING DiggIT-Tul Telescreen Box... I originally chose to record TSR (The Speed Report) & Wind Tunnel over the Versus Indy Car race at Sonoma, CA, since I’ve been quite enamored by that new ‘N improved “Texas Toranadoe” Ben Spies, who was a featured guest of Ye ‘Ol Windbag’s (Dave Despain) Sunday night, ever since he rocketed onto the World Superbike scene and stole the Crown from favoured rider “Nitro Nori” (Noriyuki Haga) As Spies was on Wind Tunnel in order to get Y’all ‘AMPED ‘bout the upcoming MOTO GP race at Indianapolis next weekend...

Sorry ‘bout ‘Dat Bob, Robbie ‘N Jon; ‘nuthin against Yoose... Just more interested in “Captain kOOL!” Err Messer Spies vs. the ICS right now, even if it’s the very last Twisty of the year – CRAP! But fortunately I got to hitch a ride back home Friday night in a BIG ‘Ol Caddy – NO! IT AIN’T Pink... As it’s actually a very comfy ride in a General Motors product of the early 1990’s; but I digress...

And thus I woke up Saturday morning thinking it was Sunday... FRICK! Why isn’t there any news upon the Indy Car Qualifying? Not even my ‘Ol reliable Bloggaratzi has anything’s to say; Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot! Hmm? Oh Geez! Perhaps it’s only Saturday instead? OOPS!

So I would actually get to take in the whole BLOODY Play-by-Play of the Sonoma Indy Car Series weekend... Where hopefully the “Toowoomba Toranadoe,” a.k.a. Will Power would kick ARSE and take NO prisoners! As I really wanna see him win the 2010 Overall Crown, not just some silly Road Cup trophy!

So I WEREN’T surprised... As I’ve already scribbled about another glorious attempt to listen to the Indy Lights via le Confuzer... And NO! It AIN’T my Confuzer... (Yet, as I’m hoping its still gotta few more years ‘O shelve-life left in it!) But I did get to listen to the FULL MONTY, Err Indy Car ‘BIG BOYZ Final Fast-Six ‘Qualie Shootout of 2010 and was relieved to have Power throw down the gauntlet after having unusually slipped out of the fastest six in Session-2 when he was told to roll thru Pitlane and go back out and do another flyer... Jumping from P7 to P4 “Just-in-Time” to advance to the final round where he BROKE HULIO’S 2007 ICS record for most Poles – having been tied at seven apiece; Way Too Go Will! You’re the Man! As perhaps it’s just me, but I think Power’s got Castroneves number... As Hulio once again sounded flat after finishing runner-up and once again didn’t ever mention Will’s name during the Post-qualifying interview... HA-HA! POOR HULIO!

Thus Sunday morning I tuned into the IMS Radio Network via my Indy Car Nation Bookmarked page and viola... It worked! As I got to listen to the whole enchilada, Err Indy Lights race with only one glitch where 3-laps were lost due to another Brownout... As I had to laugh as it felt like even ‘Ol Mike “Yippee-Aye-Eh!”King got in on the action... Saying the Code word for today’s Indy Lights race for Downforce members was wine... NOT W-H-INE, but wine; Hya!

Carneros 100 Indy Lights Live Blog
Then I spent the first 45mins tunin’ OUT the Versus Preamble, as there was a much more exciting race on SPEED from Road America, where the American Le Mans Series was competing... As I was Bummed to haveda flip back over to Versus in order to watch the start of the Indy Car race at 5:45PM New York time... And thus dually watched the entire race... Which I’m still a bit perplexed over Ganassi not employing Team Orders to enable Franchitti to finish second... Although I guess the coded instructions to Dixon from ‘Cheep; This is Chip – You know what to do – copy that? Apparently hoping that Scott Dixon could take the win away from Power... who’s simply been the FASTEST upon the Twisties this year, albeit I’m glad that TCGR is still lettin’ it’s Boyz race... As Surprise-Surprise, the finishing order saw the Top 5-positions filled by the three Penskes and two Ganassi’s: Power, Dixon, Franchitti, Castroneves and Briscoe, as Justin ‘BIG UNIT Wilson was the first of the NON-BIG 3 Teams (Penske, Ganassi and Andretti) in sixth position...

Then for a nightcap I listened to the Speed Freaks, who had a nauseatingly long dribble on ‘bout RASSCAR Drivers and what intro-theme Musak they chose for their introductions at Bristol; WHO CARES??? Although per usual, the Statmann was brilliant when claiming that perhaps Elliot Sadler was still hearing the Space Odyssey theme after his big wreck at Pocono; Hya!

As I swore they said they were gonna have the winner from Sonoma on... Having teased Will Power endlessly last time ‘bout his RAPPING skills ‘N Moonwalkin’ as Power retorted he’d go for the Big Air Skateboard event at the X-Games ‘cause Roger doesn’t mind things like that...

SWEET! It was ‘J-Dub, nee Justin Wilson instead... Who first answered Kenny Sargent’s goofball question ‘bout what intro theme music Wilson would pick? Before asking him what theme he’d choose for ‘Ralfanso, nee Ralf Schumacher – the famous brother of Michael... To which Justin coyly shot back; perhaps you should ask Montoya ‘bout that! EXCELLENT Justin... Whilst Kenny suggested “The BITCH is Back” by Elton John?

SPEED FREAKS: Justin Wilson interview
And I’d haveda agree with Crash Gladys’s assessment about the ALMS race being the best of the weekend as Johnny Cocker came from behind to take the victory over the Porsche RS Spyder and Honda ARX-01C in the final corners in his Lola/Judd V-10...

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