Friday, August 13, 2010

Wacky Friday One-three

Hot time – Summer in the City
Back ‘O my neck getting’ dirty ‘N gritty...

So I’m not quite sure how those approximate lyrics sprung into my mind... Although I suppose it has something to do with being Summertime, eh?

"Hot town, summer in the city
Back of my neck getting dirty and gritty”
(Love 'N Spoonfuls – Summer in the City lyrics)

As originally I thought I’d be overly clever ‘N post the Great Balls ‘O Fire story on Friday the Thirteenth! As there’s NO bigger Grand Prix fireball then Hockenheim, circa 1994; Starrin’ Jos “tHE BOSS” Verstappen, Professor Matchett and six of their buddies...

Yet, unbeknownst to Mwah, I’d be celebrating this Friday the 13th in a much more ANNOYING manner... Whale Otay; NOT nearly as dramatic as the Benetton ‘Boyz... BUTT! Nevertheless, as I said, its Summertime and we’re riding’ a mini Heatwave here, albeit nothing like the Midwest, East Coast or Russia! Yet I had the windows open and was suddenly awoken at 12:02AM by the upstairs neighbor’s miniature ‘Shitzu... Err, Chihuahua mutt; FRICK! Uh, isn’t this where I insert the Milkalicious Double Zero towel throwin’ story?

Then at NO less than 3:43AM – Hey AIN’T that duh King’s number? I was roused from a somewhat deep sleep by the incredulous noise of a Tomcat, Err may be two Felines screaming ‘N hissing outside... Before the FRILLIN’ Chee-WOW-wah across the way, yeah that same ‘Juan with the barking tic joined in the festivities... And then the first car door slammed at 5:02AM; SHEISA! Is this F%%KING Grand Central Station or what? And that’s not to mention being fumigated by diesel yesterday as they spent the afternoon grinding down the old ‘Ashphalt; Oh Never Mind!

As I know Y’all will shed a Crocodile tear for your Esteamed Scribe, eh? Ah the virtues of Suburbia, right?

See I told Yuhs its Friday the 13th; Hya! And I won’t mention all of the other crazy things occurring to Mwah today... Yet according to No Fenders Musical Director Randy, I’ve been fooled by le internets again... As he’s informed me that it was actually the Love ‘N Spoonfuls who wrote & sung the song... NOT Three Dog Night, which ‘WICKEDPedia claims was merely a Cover Band – as NONE of its musicians wrote songs...