Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Whale, NOT nearly as clever as Grizzled ‘Journo Joe Saward – who’s Grand Prix blog currently states: Gone Fishin... Your Humble Scribe is off for his yearly trek to Mount Tahoma... More commonly known as Mount Rainier, where said ‘Vurd Botcherer will once again carry out his yearly tradition of pushing Auntie Harriet up the paved trail... Uh, you’re getting a little close to the edge... Turn to the left; NO-NO-NO! The other Left! As hopefully Mother Earth will cooperate and give us sunny weather, Eh! (Or perhaps COOL off just a tad bit please – after our past two record shattering day’s of HIGH temperatures!) As I’ll try to purge ALL thoughts ‘O Motorsports for the day’s outing... Unlike my previous scribbling’s in Cumulonimbus spotting. Yet alas, there’s always some sorta Motor Racing story to tell eh! As I’ll be taking the next few Dazes off...

And hopefully won’t get targeted by any U.S. Fighter Jets making Sonic Booms over the Puget Sound! Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot!%%#$%#^^!!! FUCK-A-DUCK!!! What in the HELL was that??? (Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen shouted into my ear at 1:38PM...)

Fighter jets scramble; sonic booms rattle!

Roger Charlie-Lima-Baker-9-6-4-NINER... The Eagle has left the building! He’s headed Southbound on the incoming Metro bus...


UPDATESo I’m still awaitin’ my Chariot’s arrival... (Wait - There it goes!) As alas, my departure to Mount Tahoma has been slightly delayed – Thus there’ll be NO Indy Car coverage this weekend, as I’ll be basking in the afterglow of another excellent outing at the Mountain! Hmm? Where’s ‘Dat RALLY-RALLY-RALLY B-I-G Announcement from TMS Blowhard Edwardo “The Goose” Gossage, eh? Perhaps he didn’t want to upstage President O’Bama’s trip to Pioneer Square. (Seattle) As Y’all can peruse the Fighter Jets internets link above for news upon those pesky KuhNadiun’s interuptin’ his luncheon...

Back shortly Y’all... Honest!

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