Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Old Seadog Tribute

Fortunately, late Monday night... When I should have been watching ‘Dem Tennessee Titans beat-up upon the Arizona Cardinals... I just couldn’t stand it and had to take ‘Juan last lookee-see ‘round BloggerLand... And although I don’t peruse it Daily, I dropped by PopOff Valve and was very surprised to learn ‘bout the unexpected Death of a fellow Blogger; SHEISA!

And I too, like Tony didn’t personally know the late, Great Marc Boland – the guiding force behind Full Throttle... But I did interact with him occasionally electronically, as his Witticism ‘N Snarkiness were always waiting to be dispatched whenever I would occasionally borrow ‘Juan of his stories...

Thanks Tony, as Marc will be missed in BloggerLand ‘N Beyond; as I’ll try to do a proper Sendoff upon returning from Indy next week...

Requiem for a blogger

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