Sunday, November 29, 2009

Whatever happened to No News Friday’s?

Whale like Veteran F1 “Journo” Joe Saward spouted off recently, there’s traditionally NOT any news of substance, i.e.; Politics, Economy, Motorsports, etc published on Friday afternoon unless you’re trying to bury the story over the weekend so it’ll be ancient news by the time Monday rolls around…

Thus, it was a bit peculiar to have not “Juan, but three stories break cover over the course of Friday; including BMW’s New Deal, Force India’s Non-change Driver line-up and Montreal’s revival. (Not to mention Saward’s continuing speculation about some rogue F1 outfit named Stefan Grand Prix…) As the “Kimster” rand and the Grand Prix du Canada posts were supposed to go out yesterday, but I simply ran outta time, and thus, this extremely rare Sunday version which is after all supposed to be your Humble Scribe’s day ‘O rest, Yuhs Here?