Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Driving Follies

I suppose that title could apply to anywhere, eh? As your Humble Scribe has just returned from the Frigid North, Err extremely WET North, having an enjoyable jaunt to Vancouver, BC, (on my Greg Moore expedition) which definitely has some very aggressive Automobile Drivers!

Honey, I passed my testMakes me really wanna climb behind the wheel in South Korea, as I just read that a lady has finally passed her Driving license’s written portion of the test after having only taken the exam 950 times! Hmm? Isn’t there gonna be a Grand Prix there next year? ZOINKS!

Woman passes written Driving exam after 950 attempts
Nice Kitty Kitty!
Guess Y’all should always check before reaching underneath your Automobile, as a man recently thought he’d pet his canine friend napping underneath only to have his hand bitten by a 5’ Alligator, YIKES! Guess Alligator’s AIN’T Man’s Best Friend, eh?

Man bitten by Alligator

Bugatti vs. PelicanApparently Y’all should never stare at exotic fowl when driving, as a certain distracted driver has recently put his Bugatti Veyron thru the mud and into a lagoon in Texas after having allegedly become fascinated by a local Pelican flying very low to the ground after taking his eyes off the road to retrieve his mobile phone!

Veyron owner crashes car