Sunday, November 29, 2009

Montreal returns to F1 Calendar


Is it possible that Uncle Bernaughty is coming to his senses? (NOT!) Or simply the fact that Montreal caved into his latest demands? As Montreal Mayor Gerald Tremblay has just announced that a new contract has been signed that will see the Canadian GP return in 2010 for 5yrs, running thru 2014 at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, where the Canadian GP had been held continuously from 1978 to 2008 before wrangling over fees saw the race cancelled in 2009.

Tremblay proclaimed that “Kana-Duh” was in Pole position after having struck the new deal with Uncle Bernaughty for a “Bargain Basement” price of approx. $72 million (or nearly $14.5m per year) vs. the previously requested sum of $165m.

Thus, coupled with the demise of the USGP at Indianapolis, (2008) there were NO Formula 1 races held in North America for the very first time in half a Century! (1959)

So welcome back Canada! As now all we need is a new USGP… And I’d prefer it to be at the Brickyard and not another goofy street race, like somewhere in Los Wages. (Can you say Champ Car Emperor Bernardo?) As Good-for-You Martin Whitmarsh for lambasting F1 for NOT racing in the World’s LARGEST Automobile market and SHAME on You Uncle Bernaughty! As 125,000 (PAYING) Spectators is NOTHING to sneeze at, eh?
Whitmarsh says F1 needs America, NOT Korea