Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Campos Meta is first again

The Spanish based Campos Meta F1 team, one of the four Formula 1 newcomers for 2010, has just had its F1 Challenger’s cockpit Homologated by the FIA, as all current Teams are in the process of having their new racecar’s crash test certified (Homologated) for the upcoming Grand Prix season.

Spearheading the Team’s effort is Adrian Campos, an ex-Formula One Piloto who has overseen multiple Championship winning efforts for his own race team, including the 2008 GP2 title, while Meta is a Madrid-based marketing company.

The Teams racecar is being designed and built in conjunction with Dallara Automobili, XTRAC Gearboxes and the FIA (mandated) preferred Cosworth Customer “Lump” as the team now seeks to Homologate the rear end of the chassis.

Campos Meta was also first to partially confirm its 2010 Driver line-up when they announced the signing of Bruno Senna on October 31st,
as the 26yr old Brazilian who finished runner-up to ’08 GP2 champion Georgio Pantano will finally make his debut in F1 after having seen a potential ride with then BRAWN GP lost to Rubens Barrichello; due largely to F1’s testing ban and the Brazilian’s lack of experience…