Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Button bolts to McLaren

Newly anointed F1 World Champion Jenson Button has decided to take his No. 1 plate and run off to Mercedes Grand Prix rival McLaren, in what seemingly has become a massive game of tit for tat… After BRAWN GP, Err Mercedes apparently refused to budge upon its very low contract offer for the Brit’s services next year, as I was looking forward to purchasing a No. 1 Silver Arrows “JENSE Diecast…

Apparently the plucky Brit decided to take McLaren’s HIGHER retainer reported to be $6m for 3yrs vs. $4m for 2yrs with the allowance of Button to add additional personal services sponsors to boost his pay packet…

And the deal seemed all but a formality after the Iceman’s manager announced to Finnish press that the Kimster (Raikkonen) has elected to sit out next season’s Formula 1 contest after negotiations broke down with McLaren, as the Finn will take his reputed $17m severance pay from Scuderia Ferrari to go play in the snowbanks instead in the WRC! Although NOT having ruled out a return to Formula One in 2011, but you’ve gotta wonder if this is another Mika Hakkinen style retirement, eh?

Thus will we see an all German line-up now at Mercedes next year with “Quick Nick” Heidfeld partnering Nico Rosberg?

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