Saturday, November 28, 2009

Kuh-Kuh-Kuh Kia

So recently when on Holiday, I had to laugh when asking Jefford what make his rental car was? Oh I don’t know, I think it’s a Kia? All I know is that you can leave the key in it, he retorted!

So off to look for some fishing lures in rustic Downtown La Conner, as Brandon & Dundee had managed to hook the bottom off the dock quite frequently… As Brandon informed us; you can tell they’re Catfish ‘because I can see their whiskers… Only problem being that it’s Salt water, not to mention the humongous 6” fin sticking outta the water… (More likely pile Perch)

Hey have you seen the key for the Kia? Careful, watch out for the Ketsup packets lying on the seat… Oh yeah that’s right it’s a Kuh-kuh-kuh Kia… As we broke into that ‘Ol Volare tune sung to the words of Key in the Kia! Kuh-kuh-kuh Kia! (Hmm? Why is all of this Kuh-kuh-kuh Kia making me think of the Chia pet, eh?)

But wait, this ain’t your Grand-pappies Kia… It’s a Kia Spectrum EX, which I believe the EX stands for either Executive or EXTREME SPORT model versions… Then again after Jefford told me to HOLD ON! I’m gonna floor it… Could also be for ECONOMY version? As Jefford mumbled something about secondary’s ‘N Squirrel’s. Yet the Korean Kia appears to be a closely copied version of Honda’s current Civic 4 Door model… But Hey! At least it gets the job done, eh?

Uhm? Oh Drat! Have uze seens duh keys for the Kuh kuh kuh Kia?