Friday, July 31, 2009

Wienermobile follies

I wish I was an Oscar Meyer wiener…

Holy Wienermobile Batman! As Y’all (painfully) know by now, my Confuzer has been outta action the past several weeks, which may be was due to the carelessness of a Rookie Wienermobile Piloto, eh?

Wienermobile crashes into Wisconsin home

And I certainly hope that the fine folks at Oscar Meyer didn’t call the errant Tow Truck Operator who just managed to crash his way into somebody’s Swimming pool after playing pinball with another Motorist while too busy talking on one cell phone while texting on another…

Tow Truck driver crashes into pool while texting

Now what was that tag line about They Plump when yuhs Cooks ‘dem? Somebody stops me now… Can it be the HEAT?