Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Texas Two-step?

While Y’all already know the outcome of the past week’s Motor racing activities, i.e.; a bless-ed Indy Car road race instead of the previous BORING Oval’s... Not to mention what else has been occurring lately, as I’ve received an email about some Cats named Hitler, Hussein and Ecclestone... Of which I’ve still not figured out the inside joke, eh? Dave... As Mary Ellen sez; aren’t you curious to know what that’s all about? As I’m not sure if this is what Dave’s alluding to?

Hitler, Mosley and other stories

As I’ve most definitely missed the interview with Emperor Bernardo and haven’t been keeping abreast of what the latest scandal in the English tabloids are... As I’m not really sure what exactly goin’ on in Ze Vurld der Motorsporten; Ja-Ja?

Thus, I’m off to hopefully watch the Telescreen’s recording of this past weekend’s Speed Report and Wind Tunnel with Ye ‘Ol Windbag extraordinaire himself... As I’m somewhat curious to see if ‘Ol Robin Miller who wasn’t wrong after all about Tony G. getting’ ze BOOT from his head honcho roles at IMS will have something clever to say? Not to mention which Red ‘N White car won Watkins Glen... Although it’d be hilarious if Mr. Chrome Horn pulled a rabbit out of his hat, eh? Some more blather to follow shortly... As it’s a veritable bonanza ‘O Family gatherings at the moment and apparently your Head Scribe Tomaso is in somewhat high demand, as most likely I’ll be off to BLOODY Tacoma tomorrow to make a brief visit at Auntie Harriet’s...

Meanwhile, here’s a little tidbit about that most amazing Texan Toranado from Austin named Lance... As in Lance Armstrong King of le Tour de France, wie-wie!

Armstrong shooting for Yellow?