Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The HEAT is ON!

So, the movie title “Sleepless in Seattle” took on a whole new meaning last evening… As we’re not accustomed to temperatures exceeding 80 degrees up here, as the entire Pacific Northwest is in the midst of a HEAT WAVE!

Yeah Jeffey, I know that Arizona is HOTTER then most of the Country, but as I mentioned before, the majority of us, including your Humble Scribe do NOT have Air conditioning… As most meteorologists proclaim that Seattle’s weather is never below ZERO or OVER 100 degrees, and traditionally our summer doesn’t begin until July 12th.

Thus, after an abysmal day of record setting temperatures, with a high of 97, it was still sufficiently stuffy around 1AM, and now we’re expecting to potentially break the ALL time HIGH temperature record of 100 degrees set back on July 20, 1994… Which I seem to recall spending the day sweltering away at Randall’s Barbeque Party, resplendent with a special guest appearance by Andy and The Swans who triumphantly parachuted their way into the shin-dig… Talk ‘bout crashing a party, literally, eh?

And we’re expecting to set another record of six straight days above 90 degrees, due in large part to the stagnant weather conditions in California, so TANK’s a lot Awnie! As now, I’ve gotta go cool off and try to find a piece of the pool not infested with “Chitlen’s” Yuhs here’s? As will we hit 101 today? Somebody pass me a Cold ‘Juan! 'Cause it's too DAMN HOT to be scribbling any more stories...

HEAT WAVE puts High pressure on Weather Forecasters