Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bernie, You Stink!

So after having being caught off guard recently regarding Uncle Bernaughty’s unbelievably MORONIC comments about Der Fuhrer... I’m simply shocked over this latest lack of total sense upon the part of one Mr. Bernard Ecclestone... Who I’ve become quite tired of his whimsical naughty zingers... As I’m past finding his English wit to be even somewhat amusing; as I simply find NO room whatsoever to even bring up Adolf’s name even in jest... As perhaps Uncle Bernaughty should either read the book or go watch the film; both by the same title:

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Of which ironically I just learned about from the Woman’s Kraft’s group held on Thursday mornings near Wimbledon while upon Holiday in London.

And thus I can only look forward to the soon(?) approaching day when Emperor Bernardo and Sir maXXum both wither off into the sunset and go live someplace quiet, preferably underneath a large bolder or three; perhaps a nice beachside Bungalow on the Falklands Isles, eh?

Hitler? He got things done, says Formula One chief Bernie Ecclestone

And although I’m seriously against any further Splits, especially after how the 13yr Civil War irreparably tarnished and seriously wounded the once mighty American Open wheel Racing scene... I for one now hope that FOTA will indeed walk away from the table and leave Max ‘N Bernie in their respective dust... Leaving the two Old Sods alone to sit in some Seaside Pub walloping their mistaken ways in some expensive bottle of Scotch or whatever spirits these two LOON’s enjoy indulging in...

Hey Uncle Bernaughty! Careful Mate, you might actually manage to piss off those CVC Banking Cronies you’re in cahoots with, eh?