Monday, July 13, 2009

Munn-Dae the 13th


What’s that song about NOT liking Monday’s, eh?

Whale... Le Super Confuzer just keeps getting Stranger ‘N Stranger... As I’m still awaiting a call back from my supposed Super Confuzer Boffin; as we’ve now been playing telephone tag for nearly 2wks... Yet this morning I was alerted by another FRILLIN’ micro-SOFT green ERROR box that My Serious Error had been fixed... As an apparent Driver issue; NO! NOT Tomaso the esteemed “Driver” of this delectable Racing BLOB! But some sorta Driver issue inside the Super Confuzer of which of course I’m totally unaware of how to remedy... So I’m just sittin’ around waitin’ for it to come back around... As good ‘Ol Arlo Gutherie sings in Alice’s Restaurante... Yep, I’m just waitin’ for Hank’s telephone call to come around... And hopefully finally schedule a date to get the kinks worked outta der micro-SOFT Operating System Ja Volt!

Thus, I’ve still not begun watching the 4.5hrs of Memorex tape I recorded over the weekend prior to tomorrow’s re-airing of the German GP... Nor have I bothered yet to read Jeffrey’s Live Blog of the Toronto Indy Car race... Whale Otay! I did take a sneak peak last evening and got all the way past Hulio the Dancin’ Fool CRYING a river ‘O Crocodile Tears over being blocked in Qualifying; WHAHHHHHAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice try Keanu! And then I got up to Lap 1 where NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Will Power apparently has pulled off course due to a cut tyre; Aye Karumba!

So please be patient while I play Ketsup from all of my gallivanting about along with still awaiting Confuzer service, as I’ll try to wade thru all of my neglected emails shortly...

Oh yeah, just received notice that my power will be out all day Wednesday as our Utility Company will be replacing a bad power pole...