Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Brazilian Trifecta?

Perhaps Apex Brasilia will wish to rethink its overabundance of advertising after this past weekends NOT so good fortunes thrust upon three of its “Mega” Sports Stars…

As we’re all aware of, first off Felipe Massa suffered a horrific shunt eerily reminiscent of Ayrton’s, which thankfully it appears he’ll survive. Next up was “TK; Follow your Nose Super Schunaaz’s” very scary incident in Edmonton, Canada… When Tony Kanaan’s car caught on fire during a pit stop, of which ‘Ol Mad Dog TK seemingly has escaped without any serious injuries and has already stated he’ll be racing this Saturday night in Kentucky! Certainly was nice to see the Penske, Panther and TCGR Boyz all quickly come to Tony’s rescue, eh?

And then lastly, Football, Err Soccer Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, who apparently just got a “Mega” multi-millions ($107m) 6yr deal, (which will see the 24yr old Foot baller earning 33 times more then the average Spaniard) to transfer to Real Madrid from Manchester United, broke two bones in his wrist during only his second outing with his new squad on Sunday.

And somebody’s been telling me of how bad things happen in Three’s, so hopefully Brazil’s outta the woods for awhile, eh?


  1. Slight correction for ya the Ronaldo who broke his hand is not cristiano ronaldo but rather the older and previously very famous ronaldo formerly of brazil world cup fame. Cristiano ronaldo is portugusse he is not brazilian. Just thought I would clear that up for ya.

    Lil Chedda T

  2. OOPS! I did it again... Thanxs for the correction, as I was wondering how he managed; that is the younger Cristiano managed to score his first goal just two days after I thought I'd heard he broke two bones in his wrist... Also, he was paid $131m to transfer to Real Madrid, so at 24yrs old, I'd say he's set for life, eh?