Thursday, July 30, 2009

Broken record

So apparently inquiring minds wanna know? Did we break the ALL time temperature record or what?

As you may be aware of, we're having our own little NASTY HEAT WAVE up here right now... (Minus AC) Which means it’s BLOODY HOT up here as I'm glad I don't have a talking thermometer to register what the temp is inside my Domicile, eh?

And as Meesh would say… We broke the F%%KING Record!
103 Deg F was new ALL time record set yesterday, with the Eastside hitting an unprecedented 107; aye Karumba! And today it’s only supposed to be 101 before we dip back into the high 80's/Low 90's by the end of this weekend, as some much needed moist ‘N COOL Marine air blows our way and pushes that NASTY, STAGNANT Californian air easterly.

And this concludes your Tomaso weather update, now back to your *somewhat) regular broadcasting... Next up, Cat talk, may be?