Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Empire Strikes again!


As Y’all are aware of, hours after posting the story Strange Bedfellahs last Friday... In which I lashed out at Sir maXXum ‘N Emperor Bernardo for their efforts to dismantle the sport currently known as Formula 1... For reasons unknown my confUZer shut down completely with the ominous micro-SOFT bleu “Death Ray” ERROR message screen informing me that a problema had been detected in the win-DOUGHs Operating System and therefore the confUZer has been shut down to safeguard against any further damage to your system... If you (feel you’ve reached this message erroneously!) are receiving this warning for the first time then please contact your System Administrator... Uh, YO Mr. Wizard ‘O Oz... I am the flippin’ System Administrator, Chief Bottle Washer, Head Scribe and Lead Satirist...

Any-hoo, for humour this morning while awaiting my private limousine to La Conner, WA for 4th ‘O July festivities, (where I’ll be on Holiday thru next Monday-Tuesday...) I simply disconnected the phone line and powered up the Beast... Which wallah? WTF?!!!!!!!!!!? Is now working... Albeit there’s still quite a funny start-up procedure occurring every time I log on, so I’m totally bamboozled at the moment to the exact status of my confUZer, which I’ll most likely have checked out next week by a Computer “Boffin,” Err Technician just to make sure I can return to providing more riveting stories ‘O Yore next week, eh? Now Quick!!! Back-up all of my mesmerizing MS Word Files, Ja Volt! As its such an odd feeling to be away from ze confUZer for another week, eh?

Happy Fourth ‘O July Y’all!

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