Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Is Bourdais gone from F1?

Whale hopefully this afternoon I’ll finally be able to watch the rebroadcast of this weekend’s German GP from the Vunderbar Nurburgring... As it’s been BLOODY HELL! Not being able to surf that web thingy... Listen to any Sporting News, etc while awaiting the chance to watch the latest GP, although I did take several sneak peaks around the Blogosphere; Indy Car sites only...

And thus the hot topic seemed to be The Hamburgular’s unceremonious (disposal) from Scuderia Toro Rosso after another rough outing in Der Fatherland, as multiple sites reported upon 19yr old Spaniard Jaime Alguersuari, having just been promoted to STR’s Reserve Driver status,
Making Comments to the AP claiming that Sea Bass has been dumped in favour of the Spanish teenager who’ll make his Formula 1 debut at the Hunga-Boring (Hungarian GP) race in just under a Fortnight’s time...

If this is true, then I’m not impressed in the way Red Bull made its decision to not step up to the plate and make an Official announcement. Then again, is this the workings of an over imaginative Spanish press?

Yet, if the rumours are true, which I’ve not been able to peruse the F1 landscape yet as I DON’T wanna know the races winner before watching the replay... Then speculation suggests that Bore-Dais could potentially make a return to Indy Cars, a la Dario Franchitti... Albeit to a different team? As let’s recall that The Hamburgular was up against supposedly stiff competition from “Taku” (Takuma Sato) for his seat at Toro Rosso, as Taku-san reportedly had major amounts of Yen behind him, while as far as I know Mr. Bourdais had no major sponsorship backing... Yet kept his seat in the long run; thus I personally hope that NHLR will NOT punt Bad Bobby D (Doornbos) from his seat, but instead, a very savvy Jimmy Vasser would be wise to pick up the ex-multiple Champ Car Champion who could definitely teach Mario “BUTTERFINGERS” Moraes a thing or two, eh? Or Egads! Perhaps even Bobby Rahal could resurrect his dormant IRL team? Then again Sea Bass is quite intent to win the 24 Heurs du Mans for his home based Peugeot squad, so who knows where The Hamburgular will ultimately end up at, eh?

Hmm? Could he potentially become Dan-Dan-Danicker’s replacement at AGR? Or could Gil De Ferran start an all French Indy Car team next year? You make the call...


  1. Without giving away the Ring finish... Bourdais was out early and was seen at the pit wall, hugging his team members one by one... Peter Windsor likened it to a final goodbye, as speculation was that if he didn't do well at this race, he was OUT. Methinks he is indeed an STR ex-driver as of now. The race was actually quite good, with lots of passing (WHA?!?!?!) and some really stupid driving errors and questionable FIA rulings. Ah well... sitch as usual. Enjoy the recording!

  2. BOth of those choices are wrong. I would bet my left leg that Le Seb will be at Newman Haas next year. BTW It's Wunderbar. ;)

  3. Hate it when a Champ Car guys goes bust in F1, ala Michael Andretti, Zanardi, etc. Makes the Euros think there's no racing in the states. Would have been interesting to see Sea Bass in a more competitive car. Will also be interesting to see how Jaime fares when Toro Rosso have to actually build their own chassis next year.