Monday, July 27, 2009

No Fenders returns

Whale sorta, somewhat, may be?

As obviously it’s been a most turbulent thirteen days since I was last able to look at ze internets… As HURRAH! Computer Boffin Hank has finally returned my CPU Unit along with its myriad of Software, reattached all of the various cables and re-established contact with those Oh-So? Important functions, i.e.; internets, email and MS Word…

And although Hank returned my unit with all of my (Whale 85% of my Desktop icons/programs intact), it returned with Paul speaking monotone, which made me wonder; “Where’s Lucy?”

Whale perhaps I should quit speaking this way in deference to the Princess’s (NO! NOT Princess Danicker’s…) Starfire Breeze Cruise liner that arrived in Vancouver BC’s Port with a DEAD Whale impelled upon the ships bow…

Cruise Ship arrives in Vancouver BC with Dead Whale

Thus, I had to re-install “Lucy” my esteemed Screen Reader, who GAWD Knows what She’s been doing on Holiday or whom she’s been cavorting about the World Wide Web thingy the past two weeks, eh?

Yet, alas, having to have my win-DOUGHs Operating System re-installed means that many of my customized screen settings, etc are now ALL thoroughly scrambled, along with having not gotten Hank to re-install my printer’s scanner icon, having a few technical issues inside Outlook Express, including missing text fonts and two thirds of my Address book… Which means it’ll take me a little time to set up everything and re-adjust to the “Confuzer” world… Along with giving Mozilla/Firefox a try out, since Hank claims that almost all of his clients whom get viruses come via micro-SOFT’s win-DOUGH’s internets EXPLODER… Which is apparently where I caught the bug that now has me trying to return to my previous settings… As I’ve just noticed another annoying feature of running Blogger thru Mozilla, as in it doesn’t read text inside the box and apparently doesn’t default to my text’s format… Which could be very DANGEROUS for my readers, eh?

Yet, when after nearly two hours of scribbling this post and fumbling my way around trying to reset my screen settings, when I hit the POST button while utilizing Mozilla, it said the Meeda function something-a-other… And would NOT publish this mesmerizing story… Then when I switched back to the EVIL micro-SOFT IE browser and opened up the post, it was completely scrambled into MONSTER MEGAVISION, Err SUPER sized font/text; all of this going on while we’re in the midst of a HEAT wave as we venture into the unusual territory of a BLISTERING stretch of 94+ (97-100?) Deg F for the next four days… And NO! WE DON’T HAVE ANY STINKIN’ Air Conditioning up here Jeffey! So it’s gonna be a real doozy tryin’ to get back up to speed, eh?

But Hey! I’ll take this problema ANY day over what poor Felipe Massa is enduring at the moment! Which fortunately he seems to be mending nicely…