Wednesday, July 29, 2009

BMW Sauber Quitting F1!

Holy Wienersnitzel Batman! Talk about “The Ultimate Bombshell!” As I awoke this morning from a fretful night ‘O Sleep to the AP Newswire report that BMW has decided to QUIT Formula 1 at the end of the 2009 season… SHEISA!

As the Munich Companies Management Board Chairman Dr. Norbert Reithofer, has claimed that the current Economic conditions in F1 are simply too great and that the Firm will utilize the financial resources of the team to concentrate instead on Sustainability and Environmental compatibility, as BMW re-aligns its priorities… As its awfully hard to swallow the thought that some Old Codger with an infinity for Kraut Fralein’s was correct over the possibilities that Honda’s shock withdrawal wouldn’t be the last of the big Auto Manufacturer’s, Zieg Heil!

Yet, most pundits seemed to think that Toyota was the most likely candidate to follow its Honda rival out of the sport and I for one certainly didn’t see this coming from BMW Sauber, especially with the current rumours making the rounds that Renault is potentially on the chopping block and a sell of the team to a Russian Tycoon is immanent. Albeit the team’s dismal performance this season; as obviously, this will put BMW Sauber’s lead driver, the “Krakow Kid” (Robert Kubica) to the head of the line in the 2010 Driver market, either as Felipe Massa’s or Heikki Kovalainen’s replacement, or perhaps Barrichello or Trulli’s? As you’d have to say that BRAWN, Ferrari, McLaren and Toyota are the top teams available, as Renault is a wild card at the moment.

Things probably aren’t quite as rosy for “Quick Nick” (Heidfeld) who is getting a bit long in the tooth and seems to be mostly out shadowed by Kubica. Yet, with the arrival of three new Constructors next year, an experienced F1 Piloto would be of great value.

And with the lightly reported signing of a new Concorde Agreement just concluded, how does BMW’s decision affect this, will an attempt be made to sell the team and will BMW incur any monetary repercussions? Stay tuned, as the Formula 1 landscape continues its bumpy ride.

And never fear Meesh, your man Bobby Rahal’s ALMS GT2 program isn’t affected, nor is the Formula BMW and all other Motorsports activities not associated with F1