Thursday, July 9, 2009

On the Road again

I tells yuhs, this traveling’ stuff is getting a bit carried away... As I’ve been on the go nonstop the past week plus... Having stayed up nearly a whole day after returning from Jolly ‘Ol London, where to insipient ‘Ol NUTTER’s reside! As in Emperor Bernardo and his whipping boy Sir maXXum...

Then as Y’all know my Soup-er Confuzer (computer) began rearing its ugly head and mysteriously quit working altogether... Before I managed to re-power it up nearly a week later while awaiting my trek to La Conner... Before a blast down to Tacoma and now I’m off to somewhere south of Portland, Oregon for the next few dazes... Y’all recall that Portland’s the place where they used to have some fantastic CART/Champ Car races on Father’s Day weekend... As ironically I think the Portland Hystericals (Historics) are being held this weekend?

Meanwhile the Soup’er Confuzer is still working sporadically, along with having another spell of the Bleu DEATH RAY micro-SOFT ERROR screen, before coming back to life for the moment and a Computer “Boffin” (Technician) will finally arrive sometime on Monday to assess the perilous plight of Tomaso’s Super Confuzer machine...

Anyways, please forgive the sporadicness of my recent posts and not having replied to anyone’s emails as I’ve simply been unable to spend any significant time staring at the bleuish-green hue of le confUZer!

Gotta run, here comes the Ice Cream Man...

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