Saturday, August 1, 2009

Open Wheel blunder

It’s TOO HOT to write Stories, Whaa… As I was gonna post a really funny Cat story for Danny B, as may be the heat’s getting to Mwah? Meow, Meow...

And I cannot say a whole lotta good on you… As they did NOT even bother to publish an Edmonton IRL race report this week. (Monday-Tuesday) Yet Monday’s Online version held a total of 21 stories in its vaunted Sports section; but out of these, eleven were solely devoted to the FRILLIN’ RASSCAR event known as the Brickyard 400… Or in Juan Pablo Montoya’s view the “Honest Officer, I wasn’t FUCKING Speeding Brickyard 386!” As you’ll wanna check out Robin Miller’s HILLARIOUS RANT on the JMV Show; The Drive, on AM1260 WNDE last Monday; July 27th; click on the podcast titled:

JMV & Mr. Conspiracy

A further one story was devoted to former Head Honcho T. George and his whimpering sarcasm posted upon his Vision Racing Team’s website… As in why did you kick me outta the office Mama?

Ahem; Earth to Tony, I’d stick to focusing upon pulling your Indy Racing League team outta the gutter… I mean HELL! Even Milka Duno’s team is doing better then Uze Guys… As Vision seems to be locked in a fierce Manu e Manu duel with AJ Foyt Enterprises for laughing stock of the IRL, eh?

But Hey! I’m sure the IndyStar and OWR Soothsayer Kurt Cavin will be all over the scene this weekend at Kentucky, now that ‘duh RASSCAR festiva Is behinds us; Yee-Haw! Hopefully along with ‘dem Kentucky weepers, eh?