Monday, August 24, 2009

Youtube CEO joins USF1

As previously mentioned, the perceived tie-up between Youtube and USGPE (USF1) has just become a whole lot stronger with the addition of Youtube’s CEO Chad Hurley to the USGPE Organization, as Hurley looks forward to helping the new Formula 1 start-up achieve dizzying heights in the near future; as possibly you caught him and Team Boss Ken Anderson last night on Wind Tunnel with a much easier on the eyes Dave Despain, eh? As Kris De Bota was filling in for Ye ‘Ol Windbag who’s out ‘N aboot on his motor scooter…

Yet, like most interviews with the House ‘O Winsor, nothing terribly important was divulged as Ken Anderson basically spoon fed Bob Varsha & Kris De Bota the least amount of factual information possible… Although he did divulge that they’ve received 6,000 resumes from around the world seeking possible employment, most likely a “veteran” driver would be hired due to the lack of testing allowed, a “roller” chassis should be completed by October and their chassis should begin testing in December, while Hurley’s best quip was that he was simply looking for something that didn’t compete with Google which was pretty hard to find…

Hurley interview on joining USF1

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