Monday, August 24, 2009

Snakes ‘N Stuff

Whale other then the fact that the “Danicker Channel,” nee Versus nearly 1hr IndyCar preamble is TOO F%%KING LONG! (Are we going for the RASSCAR approach here or what?) I did get a chuckle outta Mr. BRUT Aruet-Arute’s interview segment with EJ “What, Me Worry?” Viso, who listed his hobbies included Skydiving and Base jumping… Before showing Arute-Arute ‘Juan ‘O his pet Snakes… To which the BRUT-ish ‘Juan professed his huge dislike of the scaly critters… while viso stood there laughing loudly while Arute-Arute said; “You think this is funny?” Before asking what does it mean when he wraps himself around my neck to which viso replied it means FRESH MEAT! Before telling Jack to give his Snake a kiss… I tells yuh, that Viso dude is ‘Juan SIC cookie… Now if he could just pull some of his woe-jo on those DAMN pesky red carz, eh? As I’d really like to see someone else besides Dario, Scott, Ryan or Hulio in Victory circle – Kapishe?


  1. Uh-greed... but the race was actually a pretty good one once the first 25 laps expired, eh? Even my wife was jumping up off the couch hollering 'HOLY CRAP... DIDJA SEE THAT PASS?!?!' I luv that track... did the Russell Racing Driver Skool there in 2002, but don't understand why the IndyCars shortcut the bottom hairpin. At least the open-wheelers and sports cars use the bitchin' inner loop and don't wuss out like the tintop brigade does. I liked watching those 3500-lb whales barely hanging on thru the loop at speed... COOL.

  2. About time someone agreed with me in saying that the 1 hour pre-race is too f*cking long!!!!

    And what's up with those "In Color" interviews? Is it supposed to be taken seriously?

  3. Sears Point Raceway like Laguna Seca is a great venue although I've only been there twice for the Mollie Stones "hYstericaLs" a long-long-long time ago, before they introduced The Chute so I don't know why they run the IndyCars the way they do...

    As for the interviews who knowss, eh? I mean its pretty hard to take any of the three Amigos very seriously when BRUT Arute-Arute is waxing away on whatever while Lyndie-LyndieCar gets cute with Princess and Robby Floyd blathers on 'bout whatever as I only watch Versus to hear Jon Bekhuis and GULP! Robbie "Thats My Team" buhl...