Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rubino does it!

Isn’t it funny how opinions change? As years ago I simply delighted in seeing the TERMINATOR CRUSH his opposition weekly… As Herr Schumacher was simply invincible in that blood red machine, while the rest of the grid fought for the remaining crumbs…

Yet, this past weekend I found myself chanting “RUBINO-RUBINO-RUBINO!” As he first chased the two McLarens ahead of him, before leapfrongin Heikki Kovalainen and setting his sights upon race leader Lewis Hamilton, as I growled at the Telescreen, Get-him Rubino!

And then it all came “Pear-shaped” for the young “Louise” as the McLaren Boyz muffed Hamilton’s final pit stop as Rubens Barrichello was urged to put the hammer down and pound out five qualifying laps… As Barrichello would go on to record his first Grand Prix victory in five years, as his last win had come in 2004 in China whilst driving as Michael Schumacher’s wingman 82 races ago… As it would be the Brazilian’s very first non-Scuderia Ferrari victory of his long running career, catapulting him back to second in the championship behind his BRAWN GP teammate ‘JENSE, with six races remaining… Way to go Rubino!