Monday, August 31, 2009

Taku ‘N the Dragons

So reportedly IRL’s Dark side ‘O written word… As Will of Is it May Yet chronicled how OWR Curmudgeon Robin Miller was Darth Vader (Otay, I made that ‘lil bit up…) and Kurt Cabin was “Obi ‘Juan Kenobi,” which makes sense since in my interview with Mr. Miller he noted how he’d been instrumental in Cabin’s hiring at the Indy Star, but I digress…

As Miller has reported that apparently Taku-San, nee Takuma Sato will make his Indy Car debut at the 2009 IRL season finale at Homestead aboard a second Luczo-Dragon Racing entry, which makes me wonder if this is being done courtesy of an unexpectedly free grand-Am pit crew that was preparing to do double duty that weekend for somebody just nicknamed “Willy-Bob.”

Of course I’m just going out on a proverbial small sized tree limb here, (guessing?) but I’m wondering if Penske Senior may indeed give Jay Penske a helping hand in the Japanese driver’s debut? As obviously part-time driver will Power won’t be participating as previously planned and I’m still not sure of the rumoured link between Sato and Gil De Ferran’s hoped for 2010 IRL team debut, which I’ve previously also spouted off about Takuma having some mystical tie to Formula Dream sponsorship which currently is being sported by Heideki Mutoh at “Mikey” Andretti’s outfit, whatever it’ll be called shortly, eh?

Of course, I’ve overlooked the possibility that “Frank the Tank” (Franck Montagny) could become a candidate for De Ferran Motorsports next year? As we all wait breathlessly for DFM’s “Rally- Rally- Rally” BIG announcement about his team’s line-up, eh? And with Scott Dixon (and Princess-URGH!) reportedly off the market, you’d think that De Ferran will have to look elsewhere for his supposed lead driver… Unless Takuma’s outing is simply a tune-up for next year at De Ferran, which raises interesting thoughts about just how well connected Mr. De Ferran is, eh? (If indeed Sato runs for LDR with roger Penske’s pit crew…) But don’t forget that one of his main cogs is the retired head of Honda’s vaunted Norte Americano operations, a one Mr. Robert Clarke and I suppose it’s possible that De Ferran could muster up his own pit crew from his ALMS squad also as an audition for next season…

So just exactly what colour are Dragons? As I’m guessing it’s NOT Pink since Sarah Fisher’s already planning to run that shade at Homestead, and don’t forget Vitor Meira’s intended comeback in Miami…

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