Saturday, August 1, 2009

IndyCar tweaks Race cars

In an effort to improve the show, as a vast majority of the IRL Bloggers have repeatedly commented towards how BORING the past several OVAL races have been… With both TCGR Drivers Scott & Dario becoming constant apologists in victory lane, the league has introduced a following raft of rules changes to be instituted at Kentucky for the remainder of the season.

Various “Aero” bits will be re-introduced; sidepod extensions, tire ramps and rear-wheel backers will be allowed, with teams given the flexibility of using any or all three of these Aerodynamic aids, which Indy Car Claims should provide up to an extra 300lbs of Downforce, along with the mandatory removal of the rear wickerville.

On the engine side, Honda will introduce another Champ Car innovation, *couldn’t resist throwin’ that Champ Car quip in; OOPS!) with the addition of “P2P,” better known as Push-to-Pass; as the Honda “Lumps” will now give an additional 5-20bhp in 12 second spurts, with a 10 second mandatory interval between each of the up to 20 spurts, with a maximum of 10,500RPM’s available for 240 seconds each contest, as the horsepower range will depend upon the current fuel mixture setting being utilized at the time of the Driver’s hitting the “Boost” button, P2P button, Err Excuse me, my mistake its now known as Press to Pass, as we don’t wanna use NO STINKIN’ CHAMP CAR TERMINOLOGY!