Monday, August 3, 2009

Oh Kentucky

O’Gara’s Irish Pub (OBD Photo)
Whale I certainly have to agree that Saturday night’s Oval race was much more entertaining to watch compared with past Oval races… Yet, you know something is WRONG with yourself when you: A) Get excited over an Oval race, and B) spend the last 20 laps of said Oval race chanting EDDIE-EDDIE-EDDIE!!! SHEISA!!!

Thus I found it most hilarious to find myself rooting for Edward "F BOMBs R US" Carpentier and Tony G's Vision Racing Team... SHEISA-SHEISA-SHEISA!!!

Yet I really wanted to see Edwardo win, which would have been the most Psychedelic result for the Indy Racing League...

Now all I wanna know is did somebody slip George a “Mickey” or what? As perhaps somebody shoulda slipped him a Frank's energy Drink before he did his big runner-up Team Boss interview... I mean have you ever seen T George smile? Yeah, I know, we'll have to wait for him to post his reaction on his Team's website, eh?

And what's with all of the smoochie-pooh... Who's paying' who? As that was a riveting post race SUCK UP with Brian "Braveheart," Err Barnhart... Whale Brian, do you think all of the new rules changes worked tonight?

Meanwhile, once again nary a peep was made about the other two women in the field: Sarah Fisher and Milka Duno… That’s right Milka-licious is back and I believe she finished ahead of her two Dreyer & Reinbold Racing teammates? (Conway & Scheckter; actually Conway was D “N R’s top Banana).

Yet, Sarah did get a momentary shout out and finished a respectable 12th with the most entertaining moment being when then race leader Will Power had to be told to move up one more pit stall as what were the odds that he’d be placed directly ahead of an almost identical yellow & black liveried Sarah Fisher Racing team’s pit box?

And speaking of Sarah, here’s a pic from Mr. CARPETS of a local Indiana “Dive” called O’Gara’s Irish Pub in Downtown Beech Grove (small town in Marion County).

Dave O’Brien:The O'Gara's are one of the nicest families you would ever meet. John O'Gara, a.k.a. "Johnny O" was a long time chief mechanic for Menards in the IRL. (Possibly on Tony Stewart's IRL Championship winning car?). He is currently team manager for Sarah Fisher Racing. Sarah is his daughter in law. She married his son Andy who she once ran over in the pits.

O'Gara's is pretty much a "regulars" place. People and staff are very friendly. Anyone who visits Indy and stays on the Southside would enjoy themselves visiting there. Plenty of racing "stuff' on the walls along with plenty of Irish green…

And I’m guessing the Bus trip from O’Gara’s to Kentucky would be a real Hoot! Thanks Dave…