Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Team Who?

Not to be cornfused with Team Iannucci; as the head scribe of My Name is IRL is seemingly busy at the moment building his own IndyCar World Series entity… Err, interviewing the countless IWS drivers currently available; NOT to be mistaken with the fine folks over at De Ferran Motorsports, who as Jeffey notes; Team Boss Gil De Ferran has taken the House ‘O Winsor’s USF1 (USGPE) creative marketing technique by doing some name dropping of his own on potential Drivers of his yet completed Indy Car team…

But don’t get me wrong, I certainly admire Gil, I mean HELL! Why else would I have gotten Donald Kay of Autosport Radio to get me the 2003 Indy 500’s “John Hancock” otherwise, eh?

Thus it was somewhat surprising during the Mid-Ohio (ALMS) weekend, when the 41yr old Brazilian (De Ferran) announced his retirement from the cockpit at the end of 2009; for a second and final time… In order to devote his energies fully towards his race team, in which he’d like to see a second car added to his ALMS program along with his dream of running a two car entity in Indy Car in 2010.

So, with that stated, I for one duly hope that De Ferran’s lofty ambitions come true with the debut of a two car IRL entry next year, as there’s certainly room for some new blood to spice things up a bit, eh?

And there certainly doesn’t seem to be a lack of quality “Hotschue’s” available… As perhaps De Ferran will go for an all Royal Bleu squad of Sea Bass (Bourdais) and “Symone” Pagenaud? Or perhaps Danny Boy Wheldon, whom reportedly doesn’t feel the LUV at Panther Racing anymore; not to mention Penske’s third wheel, (Will Power) Justin “BIG UNIT” Wilson or Scott Dixon? (Leggo my Dixie, sez the Cheepster!)

Or to get really far fetched, how about “Quick Nick” (Heidfeld) or Rubino? (R. Barrichello) But my money’s on either Wheldon/Power alongside Pagenaud, as we’ll see, eh? As I’d go for Power if it’s possible, although “Taku-san’s” *Takuma Sato) name keeps popping up along with Formula Dream sponsorship…

Whale it certainly bothers me when Mr. BRUT Arute-Arute not only picks the same driver as Mwah, but then has the audacity to try needling Gil about it on camera. And wasn’t it funny seeing Arute craning his neck skywards to talk to Justin Wilson…

Welcome Back Gil De Ferran