Monday, August 10, 2009

Mid-Ohio Quote of the weekend

As always, the never shy to speak his mind, Mr. Chrome Horn, a.k.a. Paul Tracy has filed the following on his blog.

Paul Tracy:
“I’ve got to comment on Milka. She’s a disaster out there and it’s beyond even funny. Why do they give her a license? She’s what…seven seconds off me, so eight seconds off of Briscoe. That means Ryan’s gonna be lapping her every nine or ten laps if we’re green all the way! Why do they let her drive? Why does she want to embarrass herself so bad?”
(Source: Indy Trackside)

Hey! Just ask Justin Wilson how it went for him when trying to overtake Milka-licious this weekend at Mid-Ohio while leading…

What does ‘Ol Robin Miller call ‘dat? Oh yeah; I believe it’s known as a “Lucky Milka!” Instead of RASSCAR’s Lucky Dawg, uze gets two laps behind Milka to see if you can get around her cleanly without being taken out!