Monday, August 17, 2009

USF1 standing firm?

Apparently the House of Windsor has set the newswires alight once again with his most recent comments in Sports Illustrated, when he claimed that USF1 (USGPE) has been approached by two “Paying Drivers” for potential seat fittings for USF1’s 2010 debut Formula 1season, to witch the “Vurdmeister” of F1 word-speak has politely turned the chaps down, standing firm on their decision to only run young Americano’s.

I still think it wouldn’t be too far fetched to see Messer Bourdais in one cockpit as he would bring needed F1 experience, albeit perhaps not great, the Hamburgular does indeed know the drill.

Latest name dropping includes Graham Rahal and Ryan Hunter-Reay… Of which I believe are both free agents at the end of this season, although I’d be surprised to see the “Son ‘O Stash” (G. Rahal) make the leap so soon, as he seems to have quite a bit of unfinished business in Indy Cars to take care of, ditto for RHR too, eh? Although Hunter-Reay seems to be a most logical choice and I’ll be interested to see if they really start their baptism under fire next season with two true rookies?

Then again, why not a promising talent from north of the border, eh? As I still think the young “Wicky,” a.k.a. Canadian Robert Wickens is a natural “Schue-in” for Formula One in the future.

And if Winsor & Co. were sticking to their announced game plan, they’d be smart to help a young Californian by the name of Alexander Rossi make his way up the charts, with an option for his services in the future; not to mention Mexican standout Esteban Gutierrez, both of who are slated for F1 test drives with BMW Sauber in the near future.

But, as Peter Winsor said recently on Wind Tunnel, I’ll have to wind you up for awhile longer on the driver front… And thus I’ll miss Winsor’s vaunted “Vurd-speak” when he presumably departs from his SPEED TV gig in order to focus full time upon F1 next year... Good luck Peter, Kenny & USF1!

Thanks to Pressdog, where I originally spotted the news about USF1 passing up mucho dinero…

Meanwhile, F1 fanatic has an interesting tidbit about USF1 potential sponsors, click here.