Saturday, August 1, 2009

Edmonton Schnoozer

Whale I have to say in a slightly weird sorta twisted way… It’s been nice not having tuned into any Indy Car races for the past month, especially after sitting down to watch my very first ever Versus Qualifying show last weekend, since I was still awaiting the return of my Confuzer.

As GASP! Ah SHEISA! Here we go again on the Danicker Channel, as the very first advertisement outta the gate during the first commercial break was good ‘Ol Dan-Dan-Danicker who’s apparently still Peaking… Or shouldn’t that be peeking for another most heralded victory… As Princesses advert was followed by the first of many Apex Brasilia spots, followed by Danica being MAD! Whale perhaps she should be MAD seeing how that ‘lil Ol Sucar beat Company’s commercials trumped Danica 4-3 by my unofficial count during the 1hr program…

And then of course they tried oozing every last drop of controversy outta Mr. Chrome Horn and Hulio’s accidental “LUV-tapping” at Toronto. But Hey! You can never outdo PT vs. TAG in Sand Diego, or the Tracy ‘N Bourdais antics Up North, Eh?

Oh “Lyndie-Lyndie Car,” you’re so cute asking Hulio how it felt getting BOOED for the very first time in his career… (Quick! Where’s the MUTE button as Dancin’ FOOL’s silly mug fills the entire Telescreen!) Uhm, put a sock in it Twinkle-toes.

And then shockingly, Justin “BIG UNIT” Wilson failed to move onto second round Qualifying; HELL! It was the very first time this season that Justin didn’t make the Fast Six on a Road/Street course, which apparently was later traced down to an errant rear wing slipping out of its perceived setting… Hmm? Perhaps this type of preparation is what makes the difference between the Penske’s and TCGR’s and the rest of the grid, eh?

Oh NO! Meesh’s boy didn’t make it into Fast Six qualifying, after having burned up both sets of Red “Option” tyre’s in order to make it thru second round Qualie session… But in the end Will Power simply kicked ARSE! As that ‘Ol Sesame Street song came to mind; “Which one of these DOESN’T look like the others.” As there count-em; three Penske’s, two Ganassi’s and Graham Rahal, the lone NON red ‘N white car in final Qualifying. Whale Ok, Power’s Pole winning car was in a very fetching Penske yellow…

But way to go Will Power; Good for you, Mate! As it was nice to see him finally win again, after having the good fortune to have briefly met him in Indianapolis… And his interview with Robin Miller was even more entertaining.

Miller: Tell us what you asked the team over the radio.
Power: (Sheepishly) I had about an 8 second lead and I wasn’t even pushing, so I asked; Do you want me to push now? Yeah, go ahead…