Monday, February 9, 2009

UOWWBA: Weekly Question

Did Danica Patrick's commercials promote the IRL?

Although I did indeed watch 85-90% of the big herkin’ Football game... Albeit turning off the TV twice when I could no longer stomach the fact that it appeared the Cardinals would indeed lose... (And I’m NOT even a Stick ‘N ball fan to begin with!)

But, I must confess that I CANNOT stand the CRA$$ OVER-Commercialization of television and hence, mute as many advertisements as possible... thus I didn’t have the good fortune of catching the IRL’s media darling exclaiming her enhancement... Now if she could only do something to enhance her personality to Mwah, then perhaps I’d be slightly more impressed with her supposed talent...

Thus the answer is HELL NO!!! Princess Danicker didn’t do one damn thing to promote the IRL... And she never has; as ALL of her commercials are strictly aimed towards promoting her self image...

Woah Nellie! DON’T get me started, eh?