Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Whale perhaps it’s just me, but isn’t it ironic? That on two Rally-Rally-Rally Big News Dazes... First being the Princess Danicker show Up North, eh? And then the House ‘O Winsor briefing, there was also some dude by the name of Obama busy holding court. Coincidence? As Peter Winsor even made a soft jab about the President bailing out the USGP...

And while perhaps Y’all are in a lather frettin’ over the latest testing times from Homestead, I for one have been way too DAMN busy in order to write anything overly clever on the matter, as the off season testing in formula 1 is fondly known as the “Winter Olympics,” rarely shedding any light upon whom will be the following seasons winners. So can anyone really take too much meaningful out of the IRL’s very first test day? Besides; YAWN! The Ganassi and Penske cars were atop the time sheets. Thus I suggest you check out the Open Wheel Word Botcherer’s Association instead for a plethora of Homestead coverage...

United Open Wheel Word Butchers Association

Homestead Day One times

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