Friday, February 20, 2009

USF1 countdown

Perhaps you’ve heard the news about a new United States Formula 1 team in the making... As the team shrewdly used the name Danica to create publicity surrounding its impending launch

According to the teams website:, something “Rally-Rally-Rally” Big will be happening in 04 Days; 04 Hours; 56 Minutes; 23 Seconds: as there’s a countdown clock upon the homepage for what I can only assume is the teams’ official launching, occurring on SPEED TV February 24th.

As the website now proclaims the launch will occur at 1300, *how European, eh?) As I’ll ASS-Sume that’s Eastern Time... Although according to my TV listings, currently there’s AMA Motorcycle racing from Atlanta at 10AM (Pacific) and Chop-Cut-Rebuild; 1PM PDT, (Hmm? Sound’s like a good title for this year’s IRL season, eh?) With NO mention of this upon SPEEDTV.Com’s Formula 1 section...


According to Wind Tunnel which Peter Winsor co-hosted, the announcement will be at 12 Noon. (ET) And I'll leave it up to Y'all to find it either via le internets or the Telescreen...

For humorous takes upon the Toronto Autoshow scene from Up North, Eh? (Princess Danicker gawkin’) Check out “Kuh-Nuck” Bloghead's The Other side & So Here’s what I’m Thinking, along with Pressdog for the latest BUZZ upon Princess Danicker being flattered by the USF1 team...

I have just received the following information regarding my inquiry towards the upcoming USF1 “Lauch” promo this coming Tuesday:

I’m afraid you are mis-informed: this is not a “gala presentation” but a live TV show in which Ken Anderson and I will be talking publicly for the first time about our team and our future in F1. You can download and watch the show from

We will in the course of the year be achieving several milestones – moving into our new building, hiring our drivers, announcing our engine partner, etc – so log on to for all further information.

Best regards
Peter Windsor