Friday, February 6, 2009

Another Racing Team bites the dust

And the hits just keep on coming... When many of you are up in a lather over the reported installation of Milka-duh-licious at N/H/L... Word comes that a fifth Auto Manufacturer has decided to pull the plug upon its Motorsports activities, with word that Mitsubishi will cease all cross country Rallying competition, most notably the Dakar Rally...

Thus by my counts(?) that now makes four Japanese giants plus one European concern to leave the Motorsports arena: Audi, Honda, Mitsubishi, Subaru and Suzuki... Ok, so that last one ain’t too painful to swallow and technically Audi will still show up sporadically, while Honda is still hopeful of spinning off its F1 concern to somebody willing to pay the bills...

So at least we’ve still got an Open Wheel Racing series to critique, eh?


  1. i suupose there will come a time when manufacture based racing will take over or road going vehicle will have to be saved to stop whole racing series failing

  2. It seems that Auto manufacturer's come 'N go in various racing series due to either lack of competitiveness, budget cutbacks,change of management or the economy...

    Yet, hopefully the WRC will live on and return to its former glory with new manufacturers entering the sport in the future.