Monday, February 2, 2009

De Ferran on Autosport Radio

With the just completed Sewer-dooper-bowl over, while Danica is busy getting’ squeaky clean... And SPEED having stooped to running an all day marathon ‘O Pimp-Me-Ride... I’m feeling a tad bit similar in announcing the fact that ex-Indy 500 and double CART Champion Gil De Ferran is slated to appear as a guest upon Danny B’s most favourite radio show... Autosport Radio tomorrow...

(Weather providing, eh? As I’m not certain to what the latest snowdrift predictions are for the Indiana area...)


  1. The weather here in Indy is horrible, but the show MUST go on!!

  2. We at believe that it is a very nice and informative post about Autosport Radio.

  3. Why indeed the show did go on... Although I've never heard the weather term of BLOWING SNOW before...

    But hey, Gil did make it along with teamate "Hoosier Simone," and they were both very enjoyable to listen too...